Graphic Resources for Logo Design & Brand Building

Logo is the Ultimate Symbol of  your brand, before anyone can take action in crating a Logo for their business or Organisation, they need to invest a lot of time brainstorming ideas, looking for the Symbols, Shapes and colors would represent them in the best way possible. creating a logo for the first time often involves Calling a Graphic designer, talking to them your ideas of what your Brand needs to look like, he/they then make Some Sketches and present them to you, after that you make make known to them which ones you approve and which ones you don’t, they go back to their workshops, make more sketches , make modifications to the existing drawings and so on, the process then repeats itself over and over again. if you are an artist and designing your Logo Yourself, you often have to make multiple sketches over and over again until you get it right.  The Process of Logo design and Brand building is very Complex and time Consuming like that of an architect trying to create a building from scratch, it often takes weeks and Sometimes months before one can come up with an excellent Logo design.

However with the Some of the Graphic Resources available on the web these days, your work becomes incredibly easy and fast putting out your brand, and more importantly it makes your work look very very professional.

Take a Look at these.

1.Logo Biz

2. Logo Bucket

3. 2200 Logos

4. Vinci3D